Kingmax busts out world's first 4GB microSDHC card

4GB in an miniSDHC card? We scoff at the audacious bulk of such a memory device! See, only microSD can cut it anymore around the Engadget HQ, now that Kingmax has squeezed 4GB of flash memory into a microSDHC card -- champions of lesser memory formats will be shot on sight. Plus it's not just the capacity getting boost, performance has hit new highs as well, with 22.5MBps dual channel read speeds (150x) and normal read speeds of 19.1MBps (127x). That means the card can pull off SD 2.0 speeds in your digicam, while still making for a real kicker of a memory expansion for your phone or media player. Don't bother with looking for a price or availability date, we just pre-ordered the entire first run.

[Via TrustedReviews]