Vaux Dock: the Vauxhall-branded iPod cover / accessory holder

We've witnessed the iPod dock for the budget-conscience consumer, we've shown you how to craft your own, and we've seen renditions that are undoubtedly useful, but Britain's Vauxhall has thrown its presumably coveted logo on an iPod dock cover and deemed it royal. The Vaux Dock is actually nothing more than a cover for your factory iPod dock, and its "worth" is apparently derived from the renowned graffiti artist / jewelery designer Daisuke Sakaguchi. The unit is constructed of sterling silver, sports a variety of finely etched logos, and even features an area to hold your car keys and loose change, which you'll likely have little of if you throw down for this thing. Regardless, this fanciful addition to the VX Collective series is only available to the first six diehards who don't mind separating themselves from their hard-earned £399 ($788), but "buyer's remorse" doesn't look to be an acceptable excuse for getting a refund.

[Via Autoblog]