KLIC launches KP-100 terrestrial-based personal locator

If you're not exactly keen on breaking your cellphone contract in order to pick up a new geo-tracking edition, or you're looking for a streamlined method to easily cover every footstep of your mischievous child (or your elderly grandparents), KLIC has your answer. Korea Location Information & Communications has announced the "world's first" terrestrial-based personal location detection device in the KP-100, which operates on a fee-based "my Pol" service rather than GPS. Aside from charging the user a monthly fee for the tracking capabilities, it also boasts the ability to work inside of solid metal buildings and in the trenches of Kalamazoo (or other places GPS has difficultly connecting), and with the simple press of the clever "SOS" button, a user-determined individual will be alerted to the carrier's location "within one meter." Furthermore, the device is designed to be charged with a common cellphone adapter, and can run for around four days without a recharge. Currently, the KP-100 will run you around 160,000KRW ($170) up front, with the monthly tracking services ringing up at 9,000KRW ($9.56), but KLIC plans on introducing smaller, more functional (think MP3 player) devices in the near future.

[Via AVing