Gemalto intros USB smart card to curb phishing

The long, long list of uber-secure USB flash drives continues to grow as paranoid data carriers attempt to protect their lab reports and award-winning recipe books, but Gemalto has a slightly different kind of security in mind with its latest USB smart cards. The forthcoming keys will function much like the Mighty Key already does, as it offers up phishing protection by requiring that users have the USB stick plugged into their computer before being able to access files, online banking accounts, or your secret stash of 90's anime. While the company already provides such security measures for governmental / enterprise agencies, the Network Identity Manager is purportedly tailored for the average joe, won't require "any specialized software," and will play nice with standard browsers. Additionally, the system will utilize a token management system and support Verisign's VIP Network Identity federation framework, but won't require users to carry around a perpetually changing key fob as does PayPal. Gemalto hopes to "simplify" user security and curb the growing phishing problems in America, but there's currently no word on when we'll see these protection measures available for sale here in the States.