WiiKey upgradeable modchip offers more for modders

The Wii modchips are really coming on fast, with Wiinja and CycloWiz already drawing their own shares of fanboys and detractors, but the latest chip on the scene, "WiiKey," from the same kids responsible for the XenoGC modchip for GameCube, looks to be the best yet -- at least on paper. First off, the chip is upgradeable via DVD, meaning new functionality can be added, and future Wii software updates can't easily disable it for good. The even better news is that the chip supports NTSC Wii game imports from different regions, a first for a Wii modchip, and one of the most useful features to actual users. Of course, functions like compatibility with backups, mult-disc games and audio-fix GC titles are all included. No specific word about homebrew of the Wii or GC variety -- perhaps that's just a given -- but the creators stress that "More features are being worked on, and will either be included in the upcoming release or in a future upgrade that will follow the release shortly." Unfortunately, at the moment there's no actual picture of the chip, so the CycloWiz still has the upper hand on the "actually exists front." Supposedly shipping should begin February 7th, so we'll plan on checking in around then to see if this thing actually works as advertised.