Samsung's 19-inch SyncMaster 940UX LCD picks USB

After DisplayLink hit us up with a cordless monitor care of Wireless USB, things really can't get much simpler for connecting LCDs with PC towers, but for those not quite ready to jump into all that, Samsung is reportedly readying a USB-only monitor that'll be showcased at CeBIT. Yep, according to reports, the 19-inch SyncMaster 940UX will be axing the DVI and VGA inputs in favor of a USB 2.0 connector, which means you can finally do away with those flakey USB to VGA adapters of days past. Slated for a May release, the display should sync up with Windows XP initially, with Vista drivers (no OS X love?) to follow shortly thereafter. No other details regarding contrast ratio, resolution, or whether a 0.25-page installation manual will be included is currently available, and more importantly, we're not so sure how your CPU is going to feel about its newfangled processing duties when you plug this sucka in. Still, Samsung claims between "three and five" of these monitors can be plugged in and used at any given time based on the amount of processing requirements your applications have, but the real question is how quickly can ATI / NVIDIA can crank out a next-generation GPU with USB 2.0 outputs, eh?

[Via Slashgear]