Rip Slyme sells his soul to Sony in latest music video

Here at Engadget, we've got no qualms with a jumpin' beat, and we certainly have no issues with Sony's svelte lineup of (admittedly pricey) Vaio lappies, but even those two shameless endorsements can't hold a candle to Rip Slyme's latest vid. Presumably funded entirely from the linings of Howard Stringer's own pockets, the music video for I.N.G. seems to mock a typical Sony end-of-quarter board room meeting, but after 30 seconds or so of dancing around with Sony laptops (the C-series in particular), we get the feeling this just might be for real. While the artist could've just looped his tune behind a large Sony billboard and got the same message across, the "product placement" here would make any marketing professor quite proud, and while we have no real way of verifying, we'd speculate that Mr. Slyme's producers used a few Sony-branded machines to do the tweaking. So while all these words might not make much sense just yet, click on through when you've got a tick and watch the whole thing through -- now this is a Sony fanboy.

[Thanks, Louis S.]