Cinegames theaters: screw the movies, let's play games

We're a bit wary, but apparently there's a bit of a future yet ahead for Cinegames, the outfitted theater opened last December in Madrid's suburbs that eschews movie showtimes for passes to a large, strange LAN party. Apparently for the low, low price of €3, you can waltz into Cinegames and get the full gamer experience: high def projectors, vibrating seats, controllers hooked into dozens of personal 17-inch monitors, and even fog machines, blacklights, lasers, and buttered popcorn. We're still trying to wrap our heads around how dozens of gamers playing in a room together either lives up to the real expectations of solo commercial-theater gaming, but we're almost curious enough to throw down €3 and the cost of a face mask thick enough to curb the skunky musk of a hundred gamers duking it out in cushy stadium seats. Seriously though, you think your job sucks? How hard up for summer cash would you have to be to work as a Cinegames usher, wiping the shout-slobber off a few dozen monitors and butter from the controllers nightly, hm?

[Via TechDirt]

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