Sony's easy MEX-BT2500 Bluetooth car stereo pairs with almost anything

In line with a growing concern for simultaneous calling / driving dangers, Sony releases the MEX-BT2500 Bluetooth head unit -- which isn't a far cry from last summer's MEX-BT5000, except for the makeover (or should we say under?) and huge drop in price. The stereo features an integrated microphone and wireless streaming for any Bluetooth-enabled cellphone, and is capable of remembering profiles for up to five different handsets. Bluetooth-enabled DAPs can also be paired with the 4-channel, 52-watt in-dash unit, while wired players can be connected via auxiliary input; if the you prefer to play CDs, Sony's got your back with support for MP3 and WMA encoded discs. As if that wasn't enough, musicphones supporting A2DP (like, ahem, many models from Sony Ericsson) can also be paired with this one, giving you pretty much the full slate of connection possibilities. Look for the BT2500 online and in stores by March, for around $180.