CeBIT showcases looming trend: TV through the AC outlet

Piping internet, audio, and other bits of entertainment through one's power sockets has been available for some time now, but due to its less-than-impressive results in a majority of scenarios, it never really blossomed as a reliable networking option. Don't tell the folks at CeBIT this, however, as firms such as Devolo and Channel Vision are showcasing yet another shot at taking advantage of cabling already wired throughout your domicile. As expected, the technology converts the signals emitted from your set-top-box into an IP signal, which can then be streamed to other rooms or even other gizmos such as portable video players. Interestingly, there was no mention of HD abilities, and the Devolo system can currently only deliver the same digital channel being viewed to other areas, but the company is reportedly working on a future iteration to beam separate shows to different sources. Both pricing and availability details ran par for the course, as none of the kiosks displayed any information of the sort, but judging by the sheer interest shown here, it (hopefully) can't be too far off.

[Via Wired]
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