LG announces phones with Google, not Google phone

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Thomas Ricker
March 28, 2007 4:09 AM
LG announces phones with Google, not Google phone

LG just announced their plan to pre-install Google services on "millions" of LG cellphones in North America and beyond. So the headline over at Telecoms Korea which reads, "LG to launch Google Phone in Q2" is in fact just Google software and not the magical Google phone touted by the rumor mill. At least this clarifies the comments made by Google's South-East Asia managing director when he stated that Google was "very focused on the software, not the phone." At least 10 new "LG-Google handsets" will start shipping globally in 2007, each with a preload of Google Maps, Gmail, and Blogger mobile applications. The first of these handsets are expected to hit in Q2. So yeah, it's not the Google phone we've all been expecting hoping for, but with 18 R&D projects in the Google labs, we don't expect this to be the final word on the subject.

[Via Telecoms Korea (subscription required)]
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