Quanta planning $200 OLPC for developed nations

A lot of good things can happen when you receive a million orders for your product, such as finding the ability to add speedier hardware, offer up new renditions, and of course, break into new markets. Such is the case with Quanta, as it is reportedly aiming at bringing a device "similar to the OLPC to developed markets when the time is right," and if all goes as planned, it'll hit "for as little as $200." Of course, it was noted that the low-end versions would likely arrive sans a hard drive, with diminutive screens, and utilize open source software, but there's currently not much room to grumble if your laptop budget tops out at two Benjamins. In a quote that certainly made a case for CE-Oh No He Didn't, Michael Wang (Quanta's president) frankly stated that there were "a lot of poor people in developed countries, too," simultaneously dissing those without a large deal of disposable income and mislabeling the millionaire tinkers who'd probably pick one up just to fiddle with. No hints at a release date just yet, but if the sluggish rollout of the OLPCs is a halfway accurate benchmark, we'd guess that this one's a good ways out.

[Thanks, Charbax]