DIY arcade stick utilizes wireless Xbox 360 components

It's one thing to conjure up your own controller, but to cut the cabling while you're at just makes the whole package that much sexier. Joining the growing array of wireless (and wired, too) DIY joysticks, DH020's all-white rendition does indeed mimic the Street Fighter edition we've already seen, but the plexi-glass top, white gloss paint job, and the "custom felt material base" just sets this one off. The project utilizes a bubbletop Sanwa stick, six 30-millimeter Sanwa buttons (and two of the 24-millimeter variety), a wireless Xbox 360 controller PCB, and to top it all off, a Play & Charge kit for USB recharging. Yeah, we too wish dearly that we could wrap our paws around this for a good week or two, but at least you can click on through and catch a video demonstration while you debate whether you're going to craft one of your own.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]