Spherical speaker array provides blaring ball of sound

Granted, we've seen some oddities in our day when it comes to creating music makers, but the Spherical Speaker Array ranks pretty high up there in terms of sheer peculiarity. The overriding goal of this DIY project was to keep costs at a minimum regardless of quality, which means that the creator opted for speakers that would probably make even a casual audiophile weep. Nevertheless, taking a dremel tool to a number of IKEA bowls, wiring up a multitude of speakers, and finding an amplifier to power your new dangling ball of sound just about takes care of it. So if you're anxious to one-up the almighty 7.1-channel surround sound smartphone, or you just need a sufficient (and noisy) replacement to the dusty disco ball hanging in your pool hall, be sure to tag the links below to get to rockin' (but mostly rolling).

[Via HackNMod]