Wall mounted Picture Frame Tetris features 240 LED buttons

Wall mounted video games are totally de rigeur these days, so it's a shame that the only way to get your hands on anything other than Pong, is to get your hands dirty and put it together yourself. In the case of the Picture Frame Tetris, it took nine guys several hours of work to put together 240 LED buttons into one huge array. So, what're all the buttons for? Well, if you press a button to the left or right of the currently falling brick, then it'll move in that direction. Similarly, you touch the top row of buttons to rotate the brick, and the bottom row to drop it instantaneously. (To us and our Gameboy damaged hands, it sounds like a lot of work to play as well as build.) If you want to get your hands digits on the Picture Frame Tetris, you'll have to check it out at the Maker Faire at San Mateo Fairgrounds in the San Francisco Bay Area. Alternatively, you could plunk down $1500 for a 16x16 board of interactive LED buttons, which would give you more than enough LEDs for a Tetris, but without the extras needed to play Tetris on your wall. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to enjoy the construction as much as the game in order to motivate yourself to make one.