Hands-on with RIM's WiFi-equipped BlackBerry 8820

Well looky what we found this morning, RIM's new BlackBerry 8820 in all its WiFi-enabled glory. While we can't cheer and celebrate hot looks or bold new design, we are pretty stoked to finally see WiFi under the hood in one of these toys. As some rumors have pointed out, it is indeed lacking any type of camera, but hey, the new wireless option has given us plenty to smile about, so we won't gripe until the next iteration. We don't have any hard specs or pricing to talk about -- except what has already been rumored -- but the AT&T branding all over the place certainly hints at a potential carrier. Seems it may be a busy month for our big blue friends with the potential June 13th launch date for the 8300, and now the 8820 waiting in the wings. Check the gallery for a pile more pics.