Shuttle X38-based desktop spotted at Computex

It looks like blistering fast DDR3 RAM and new Draft 2.0-spec 802.11n gear aren't the only new wares taking the stage at Computex, as an X38-based SX38P3 Deluxe was spotted comfortably residing within a Shuttle XPC. Of course, this isn't the first motherboard news coming from the Shuttle camp of late, but the camera-wielding crew at HotHardware was able to snap a few shots of the new flagship system all the while. The SX38P3 will reportedly replace the SD37PV2 as Shuttle's high-end Intel based barebone system, and will sport a single PCI Express x16 slot alongside a vanilla PCI slot -- something the SD37PV2 lacked and received healthy amounts of criticism for. Interestingly, the rear of the machine purportedly held no legacy ports whatsoever, instead opting for six USB 2.0 connectors in hopes that you've upgraded your input peripherals and printer relatively recently. As expected, no availability and pricing details were to be had, but feel free to click on through for more sneak peeks at the newfangled rig.

[Via Inquirer]