Netgear intros 2-in-1 Powerline Network Extender

Netgear's looking to make powerline networking a tad more convenient with its new XEPS103 Powerline Network Extender, which will let you spread your network from any old router to any electrical outlet in your house. What's more, if you also happen to have a compatible Netgear router, you can simply ditch your old power adapter and replace it with the extender. While it won't give you a 200Mbps transfer rate, you'll still get a decent 85Mbps, which you can put to use with any HomePlug 1.0 Powerline device. Those that just need the extender can get one now for $80, with a bundle including Netgear's XE103 Wall-Plugged Ethernet Adapter set to follow later this summer for an unspecified price.