WWDC07 keynote transcript leaked? We think not.

Rabid seems to be the norm today, not the exception. Funny, considering the fact that not too many groundbreaking announcements are expected for today's Steve Jobs keynote, just a general re-commitment to the Mac platform and a few Leopard and iPhone surprises. Maybe a couple new iMacs and some Google / .Mac love, but even that's stretching it. So what's a fanboy to do with such paltry news? Make some up, of course! Recently "leaked" through some German sources, a keynote "transcript" has already made it out onto the internets, promising the aforementioned announcements, along with an iPhone "secret feature" of iWork, iLife and .Mac integration. The real kicker, and the near certain clincher of this report's fallacy, is the "one more thing" announcement. As if that line wasn't played enough as it is, the transcript unveils the iPhone@home, which features a 10-inch multitouch screen, 30GB of flash memory (?!?), 8 hours of battery, "no connections except dock connector," integrated iSight, iChat... you know, every fanboy's dream in a nutshell. Yeah, we're not holding our breath.

[Via TUAW]