Engadget China meets Aigo's first UMPC: The Patriot

Engadget China has just gotten its hands on an old friend of ours, a UMPC based on Intel's McCaslin MID spec. Recently we've seen this same design on the Amtek U560, but this version bears the Aigo badge proudly. Of course, since this (the company's first foray into the UMPC market) is based on the 2007 archetype, the Patriot has some of those bulky, Hummer-esque design qualities that don't hold up to the newer, sleeker, and smaller Menlow-based models (which Intel is heading towards for 2008), but under that jumbo exterior there's an 800MHz, Vista-ready heart of gold. Honestly, we do question the choice of putting function buttons smack-dab in the center of QWERTY keyboard, but hey -- no one is perfect -- judge for yourself in Engadget China's hands on gallery.