OS X worm saga turns it up a notch with death threats

If you can keep track of the bad TV movie / high school drama that the OS X worm saga has become, hats off to you. In the latest round of confusing doublespeak from the underbelly of the security world, a few key players are (possibly) taking turns swapping identities -- and trading death threats. In the latest installment, Jon Ramsey is Infosec Sellout, David Maynor is LMH, anonymous commenters are promising to "put a bullet in your head for this!" and a spooky legion of "black hat" hackers known as the "Phrack High Council," (or PHC) are doing their best Freemasons impersonation. Now, with the Infosec site deletions, and Dave Maynor's supposed self-outing, calls being issued for the worm to be proven in the wild are increasingly mixed with the literal cries of bloody murder -- all over what can best be described as the lamest hoax for the biggest nerds in internet history. Check out the Computerworld article for some... insight?

Update: As noted by a few commenters, David Maynor is now claiming on his blog that he isn't LMH, and that the admission "from" him had been faked. Of course, in this subterfuge-filled war of words, we'll take it with a grain of salt.

[Via Slashdot]