Apple's lawyers called, the iPod nano "phatty" is apparently the real deal

That really sketchy looking photo of the iPod nano "phatty" from yesterday? Yeah, you can officially file that under deceptively sketchy looking -- Apple's legal team called demanding we take the shot down, claiming ownership of the photo, and that it was "stolen" from the company. Ooook. Granted, Apple doesn't send takedowns to all confirmed-true leaks -- take the new aluminum Mac keyboard, for example. Apple never gave us a hard time when we broke that story. Still, Apple's legal team wouldn't be wasting its or our time if they didn't feel there was something to lose by inaction, so until further notice we're considering this the real deal. Just in case you missed it the first time, we pulled together a quick mockup of the newer, fatter nano. See? You really weren't missing anything. Expect 'em out in the next couple of months, says we.