Helio lays off about 100 employees, says sales are bullish

We talked to Helio today and confirmed the reports that the MVNO is laying off about a hundred people from its workforce of about 700. According to Helio, most of the employees being let go were needed during its initial launch period (remember, Helio went official early 2006); about 80 jobs in regional field sales offices were included in the cut (Helio says that's due to the fact that the bulk of their sales are coming from just a couple of offices) and about 20 jobs at HQ, which are post-launch redundancies. Given EarthLink's financial dire straits right now (and the firm's financial ties to Helio as a co-owner), we'd be worried, but Helio was quick to reassure us that sales are booming (July was their best month ever, and August is about to top July), no Helio flagship stores are closing, and the number of Helio kiosks will increase from 30 to 50 this year. Helio's bottom line: "we don't want to burn cash like some MVNOs do". Fair enough -- we're ALL looking at you, Amp'd.

[Via GigaOM]