A few more details on D-Link / Linksys' Media Center Extenders

Here at CEDIA, we were able to sit down with Microsoft and chat a bit about the newly unveiled Extenders for Windows Media Center. Initially, users will have a number of options, including a Niveus Media Extender, and boxes by Linksys and D-Link box. Reportedly, the devices will tout HDMI, component and composite outputs, an Ethernet port, and stereo / optical audio outs. Also, the boxes will support Full HD over 802.11n dual-band, but even the reps admitted that a wired connection was your best bet if you're looking to transmit HD. All of the aforementioned devices (save for Niveus' creation, which is already out of the bag) will be officially loosed at Digital Life later this month, and while we couldn't pry any hard pricing details out of 'em, it sounds like you'll need at least "a few hundred dollars" to pick up a low-ender.