Apple event tomorrow at 10:00AM BST / 5:00AM EDT, set your alarms (really!)

Europeans have been waiting in constant anticipation since June 29th to hear when and in what form their version of the iPhone will take. The rumors pretty much revolve around which carriers in which regions will get the phone, with a hint of speculation about a 3G update in HSDPA and UMTS rife Europe. Will Apple give us what we all want, or are we looking at the same ol' locked EDGE phone, this time with three or more different equivalents of AT&T? Or will Apple throw a fast one on us all and announce one more thing? Tomorrow morning -- or evening, or afternoon -- we'll be there to find out.

Go here and bookmark this page, it's where the action takes place in London tomorrow morning.

- Hawaii (September 17th)
2:00AM - Pacific
3:00AM - Mountain
4:00AM - Central
5:00AM - Eastern
10:00AM - London
11:00AM - Paris
6:00PM - Tokyo

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