Clay artist whips up Wiimote earrings, keychain

We've definitely seen some of our favorite gizmos turned into jewelry in the past, and while thiakosia's polymer clay-based Wiimote pieces aren't nearly as tasty as some other homemade controllers we've seen, they'd look mighty geektastic hanging from your lobes. The artist claims to use Sculpey clay along with a single coat of satin glaze finish to construct each of the items, and so far, there's Wiimote-based cellphone charms, keychains and earrings for you to pick up. Best of all, these oh-so-cute items aren't outrageously priced, ranging from just $6.50 to $15 before shipping. Check out the rest of the gang after the jump, and be sure and hit the read link if you're scoutin' a gift for your favorite nerd.

[Via Technabob]