iriver's G10 WiBro gamer reborn as the Postdata G100

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|09.29.07

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iriver's G10 WiBro gamer reborn as the Postdata G100
iriver's G10 / Wing handheld game console has been a pretty serious flame-out for the company -- while the concept of an 8GB 4-inch touchscreen handheld that rocked wireless multiplayer features over WiBro and WiFi seemed like a winner, endless delays eventually resulted in the device falling off the radar, and eventually just falling off the company's plans. It looks like the G10 is about to get another go-around, however, as Postdata (iriver's development partner on the G10) is showing off a revised played called the G100 at the WiMAX World conference. The G100 features a 4.3-inch touchscreen, WiMAX, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and a slightly modified keypad. No word on availability, but at this point Postdata's way ahead of the game by just showing off actual devices.

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