Shooting Cubicle Alarm System keeps your stapler, paperclips safe

If you're truly trying to protect wares that actually posses a substantial level of worth, we'd recommend a few alternatives more suited for the job, but if you're simply trying to keep the office snoop from "borrowing" your red stapler, this cubicle defense system ought to suffice. Put simply, the three devices can be set up around your personal space, and while the first unit simply flashes, emits a blast and simultaneously alarms the other two, the second device actually throws out an uber-terrifying (okay, so maybe that's a stretch) red beam to further startle the invader. If he / she persists, the final unit launches two non-lethal missiles to let that encroacher know that you mean business. Yeah, it's not exactly intimidating, but if you've nothing better to do than watch a demonstration of the $39.99 system in action, check it out after the jump.

[Via Coolest-Gadgets]