Toshiba's 22-inch monitor touts insane 3,840 x 2,400 resolution (and price)

Ready for yet another 22-inch LCD? How 'bout if it was pumping 4 times as many pixels as just about every other monitor in its class? We're talking 3,840 x 2,400 pixels for a WQUXGA display. Unfortunately, the specs fall off quickly (but not too quickly) from there: 235cd/m2 brightness, 300:1 contrast, and a weak-sauce 120-degree top/bottom and 100-degree left/right viewing angle. Of course you'll need a dedicated (dual-link, presumably) PCI graphics card to drive that resolution over the monitor's single DVI input. Shipping in Japan before summer for an anticipated ¥2,079,000. Right, a staggering $17,500 or about 50 of Dell's 22-inchers.

P.S. Sorry, no picture, that's just a generic 22-incher to the right.

Update: Toshiba will sell you a PCI graphics card for an additional ¥312,000 ($2,783). How nice.

[Via Impress]