How would you change Windows Home Server?

Windows Home Server hasn't quite taken a full year to make its way from being a mere announcement all the way into your living room, but it came darn close. That being said, we're not fielding any excuses as to why you haven't had enough time to at least test out the RC1, get a feel for what WHS devices would eventually be unveiled and read up on outside reviews, alright? Granted, you may have been put off by the on-again / off-again release date debacle surrounding HP's MediaSmart Home Server, but even if you weren't keen on the unit that practically became the early face of the software, we're confident that many of you were able to find a box that tickled your fancy from the cornucopia of alternatives.

Now that Microsoft's latest flavor of Windows is out in the wild for anyone who cares to acquire it, we're wondering just how satisfied you are with the final product. Has it totally revolutionized your (previously non-existent) backup schedule? How functional have you found remote access to truly be? Has this quelled the bickering between your offspring over who gets to use the PC with all the Tears for Fears tracks on it? Feel free to share with us your favorite add-ins (along with ones you're currently working up), and don't hesitate to dole out as much criticism / adoration as necessary to get yourself noticed.