How would you change Microsoft's flash Zune?

Hey, we gave you the opportunity to voice your opinion on Microsoft's original Zune back in August, so it's only fair that the new kids on the block get their turn in the ring, too. This go 'round, however, we're adding a little twist -- focus your attention on the flash-based iterations only. The diminutive Zune 4 and Zune 8 were probably more highly anticipated than their HDD-based siblings, and considering that the rumors were literally all over the map leading up to the release, we can't say anything really shocked us when launch day came and went. Granted, we were a bit bummed to find that these wouldn't feature TV outputs, but hey, at least we got the option of adding more than just two lines of text to the thing's rear, right?

By now, you've had more than ample time to give the flash-based Zune of your choice some serious play, and we're sure you've logged a couple of complaints in your mind, so here's your chance to get it all out in the open. If given the keys to the Zune 4 / 8 design lab, what changes would you implement? Add in a few more pixels? How about a few more gigabytes? Melt the whole thing down and shape it like a discus? Or is your heart still longing for the oh-so-elusive Zune phone? Whatever your wish may be, feel free to let the whole world know in comments below -- you never know who'll tune in.