More on the Portege G920 and Toshiba's 2008 roadmap

Evidence of Toshiba's new Portege G920 QWERTY doesn't get any better than an FCC filing. Still if you need more, you're looking at the G920 held aloft in the wilds of some Tosh briefing. That slide on the left looks to be tattling on Toshiba's 2008 roadmap too -- at least Toshiba's lineup for launch in Russia where this presentation was apparently delivered. From it, we see the G920 scheduled for an early Q1 release followed by a G930 in early Q4. Also spotted is the G800 with stylus input, G710 and G720 with GPS, and G450 classed as a "USB modem phone." Expect to hear more on the Q1 column of devices at CES in a few weeks.