T-Mobile adding BlackBerry 8820 with WiFi next month?

We're hearing rumblings that T-Mobile's going to drop a WiFi-enabled version of the BlackBerry 8800 -- better known in the public vernacular as the 8820 -- on March 5th. Yeah, it's just a rumor at this point, but the move would make total sense for several reasons: one, the 8820 already exists so RIM doesn't need to do any custom magic for T-Mobile; two, T-Mobile already sells the 8800; three, the 8800's little brother, the Curve, is already sold in WiFi form on the carrier; and four, Hotspot@Home could always use another compatible handset or three. We'll find out in a few weeks -- but in the meantime, we might suggest holding off on that 8800 purchase.

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