Earthlink puts municipal WiFi business up for sale

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Donald Melanson
February 8, 2008 5:51 PM
Earthlink puts municipal WiFi business up for sale

It looks like Earthlink was talking about plenty more than just Helio and revenue figures during its recent earnings call, with CNET now reporting that the company also dropped word that it's selling off its much-hyped and significantly-scaled-back municipal WiFi business. Of course, that news hardly comes as a bombshell given the company's recent rumblings on the matter, to say nothing of its drawn out, ill-fated attempts to spread its WiFi signals throughout San Francisco. Earthlink apparently hasn't found any takers just yet, however, and there's no word about how much their asking for it, but we wouldn't let that stop you from putting in an offer -- just be ready to put up with plenty of competition.

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