WiMAX could interfere with satellite communications?

Yeah, all those sticky sweet stories about WiMAX actually happening this decade or possibly showing up in a device or two were really getting on our nerves. Now it seems the "little wireless standard that couldn't" is back to form with a report from the Satellite Users Interference Reduction Group (SUIRG). Apparently those folks found "conclusive" results of "unacceptable" levels of interference from WiMAX of satellite signals in the C-band. Naturally, it sounds like this group's primary purpose is to come up with data like this to protect that satellite spectrum turf, but it's disconcerting nonetheless, and we'd love to hear from the WiMAX camp on the issue -- if it comes down to a choice between mobile broadband and a new season of Meerkat Manor in HD, we don't want to be the ones making the hard decisions.

[Via New Scientist]