Intel rep says people "probably won't" need discrete graphics in the future

Intel's already made some fairly bold promises at its Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai this week, and it now looks like it's getting into the prediction game as well, with one representative from the company telling TG Daily that people "probably won't" need discrete graphics cards in the future. That word comes from Intel Graphics and Gaming Technologist Ron Fosner, who was showing off a graphics demo running on a multi-core Nehelam system that, as you can see in the video at the link below, likely won't have NVIDIA or AMD rethinking their strategy just yet. Fosner also curiously looked to the past to back up his argument, saying that "if you look back into the mid 80's, there were no discreet graphics cards." Of course, all of this is all the more puzzling given that Intel is itself dabbling in discrete graphics with its Larrabee project, albeit under the guise of a CPU / GPU hybrid.