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Apple iPad launch weekend roundup

Apple iPad launch weekend roundup
Ross Miller
Ross Miller|April 5, 2010 8:31 PM
As you've no doubt noticed, we at Engadget (and pretty much every other site on the known internet) have been doing what we can to blow out coverage of Apple's iPad. If you've picked up one of the over 300,000 units floating around the US, or if you're not but still have even a smidgen of interest, here are the essential pieces from over the weekend:


Apple iPad review
Accessories hands-on / micro-review
Engadget Podcast 190: iPad Edition
...It's here!

Launch event coverage

First 3G iPad sighted in the wild, Woz plays it cool by riding a Segway
iPad line watch: the few, the proud?
Josh (and the iPad) on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon!

iPad apps

News and Magazines
Social Networking
Scrabble's iPhone-assisted Party Play
Netflix and ABC Player hands-on
iDisplay: the best concept, most horrific execution award goes to...
Defining experiences from the first wave


Editorial: iPad app prices are out of control and will kill us all
Entelligence: the iPad as a productivity tool
iPass? The best present and future alternatives


Hey, look at that: iFixit's ripping an iPad to shreds
iPad OS digging reveals hints of future iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Nessie
Chargin woes: USB hubs, non-Macs and weak ports not rejuvenating
Apple's A4 SoC faces Qualcomm Snapdragon in knock-down-drag-out benchmark
iPad 'Spirit' jailbreak demonstrated by MuscleNerd, now it really is magical
Screen Grabs: LeBron James overlooks iPad at MLB season opener
Will it blend? iPad edition
Scottevest debuts 'iPad compatible' clothing line, the world cringes

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