Sony releases 400mW-output blue-violet laser diode, could make BDXL blossom

Now that the BDXL spec is finalized, a handful of DVR announcements have trickled out to support the higher-capacity Blu-ray format. Sony's release of the SLD3237VF 400mW-output blue-violet laser diode, however, could flat-out open the floodgates. That's because, besides supporting the new larger capacity standard, it's the first diode of its kind to have an output of 400mW or higher. This gives manufacturers more flexibility in their hardware design to use a wider array of optical components. The cost for the part itself is roughly $12, but no telling what kind of premium it'll actually entail by the time it hits retail. We do know that all that additional memory should provide plenty breathing room for higher production 3D Blu-ray discs in the future, or enough HD bonus features space to make The Lord of the Rings extended edition box go on a serious South Beach diet.