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Sony NEX-3 goes pink on November 19, in accordance with our wishes

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|10.12.10

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Sony NEX-3 goes pink on November 19, in accordance with our wishes
We weren't shy about telling Sony that it ought to bring some of those NEX-3/5 color concepts from Photokina out on the market, and the Japanese manufacturer has clearly taken note. To be fair, our pining was more concerned with the white variant than this pink number, but whatever, a new hue is a new hue. Japanese lovers of small cameras with big sensors and rosé color schemes will be able to enjoy their slice of nirvana on November 19 for around ¥80,000 ($975), while the rest of the world sits and ponders the crazy price. It's no higher than the standard NEX-3 kit, mind you, which can currently be had in silver, black, or red. And if Sony Japan's scheme to conquer the female market with a lick of new paint pays off, we might see the pink camera -- along with the litany of matching accessories also introduced today -- sailing out to new shores as well. One can only hope.

[Thanks, Conrad]
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