Sculpted Eers fills ears with silicon, molds custom-molded headphones in four minutes flat (ears-on)

We've actually seen custom fit headphones before, but we figured something cheaper would rise up in the future. Here at CES, we stumbled upon what Sonomax is calling Sculpted Eers. Starting at $199, this one-time-use, do-it-yourself molding kit will create custom fit in-ear headphones -- and the best part, it only takes four minutes. We actually got the chance to get a pair of our own molded for us. Head past the break for some hands, er, ears-on video action!

The headphones come in two variations -- the PCS-100 and PCS-200 -- and will cost $199.99 and $299.99, respectively. The former features a single dynamic speaker with a native base booster. The latter touts a dual driver for a more natural sounding experience. The actual process of the earphone molding has some pretty nifty, albeit simple tech involved. In a nutshell, you pop the lubricated earbuds (attached to the fitting system, which are filled with silicon) into your ears, flick the switch on each ear to initiate flow and sit still for 240 seconds. The silicon flows from the cartridges into the buds, and they'll expand until they fit your ear. Once the silicon has cured, you remove the fitting system, detach the newly formed ear buds and you're ready to go. As for the quality of music? It's better than we initially expected, and outside noise was all but completely eliminated while we were jamming out to The Dead Weather. Considering they were formed in less time it time it takes us to order a meal for the team, we'd say this custom listening device will make a great gift when it hits select retailers in late spring.