TomTom sends HD Traffic update to all Live models, extends Traffic Manifesto to US (video)

TomTom CEO Harold Goddijn announced at a NYC event last night that the company's HD Traffic service, previously only included with the Go 2535 M Live, would be available on all U.S. Live models, including the Go 740 Live and XL 340 Live. Traffic updates will be one component of the subscription-based Live, which will also see a 50 percent price drop, to $60 per year. This is all part of TomTom's grand Traffic Manifesto, which aims to cut traffic by five percent overall. Achieving this rather lofty goal in the U.S. would require 10 percent of the country's drivers to be using Live, which transmits real-time traffic data using a dedicated AT&T SIM. The company says drivers using the service themselves can expect to see travel times reduced by up to 15 percent. Our commute often involves a pajama-clad hike from the bed to the desk, so if you're currently a subscriber who drives to work, let us know if Traffic is making a dent in your travels.

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TomTom HD Traffic Service Now Available on All LIVE Models in the U.S.

May 12 2011

More TomTom Drivers Gain Access to the Most Accurate, Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Traffic Information Available

Concord, MA, May 12, 2011 – TomTom, the world's leading provider of location and navigation products and services, announced today the company is expanding its TomTom HD Traffic service to all LIVE models available in the United States. Until now, TomTom HD Traffic was only available on the recently released GO 2535 M LIVE. TomTom HD Traffic enables drivers get to their destination faster and is the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date traffic solution available today.

Now, owners of the popular GO 740 LIVE and XL 340 LIVE, as well as the newly released GO 2535 M LIVE, will not only have access to LIVE Services - including Local Search, Fuel Prices, and Weather Forecasts – but they will also have access to the award-winning TomTom HD Traffic*. Additionally, TomTom announced that the new annual subscription fee for LIVE Services will be offered at the new price of $59.95 per year, previously offered at $119.95.

"We are thrilled to expand availability of TomTom HD Traffic to more drivers in the U.S.," said Tim Roper, President, TomTom, Inc. "Drivers using TomTom HD Traffic will typically experience travel times reduced by up to 15%, helping them get to their destinations faster and be more relaxed along the way."

TomTom HD Traffic provides the most accurate traffic solution by reporting and capturing more actual traffic jams than ever before to help drivers avoid delays. Only TomTom HD Traffic will recognize traffic conditions for both major and secondary roads within the U.S. road network to help re-route drivers clear of traffic. Additionally, with real-time traffic updates every two minutes, TomTom HD Traffic will help reroute drivers around traffic more quickly and get them to their destination faster.

Expanding the availability of TomTom HD Traffic is one of the commitments that TomTom has outlined in its Traffic Manifesto, which is the company's mission to reduce traffic congestion for everyone. Drivers using TomTom HD Traffic are helping to reduce traffic congestion for themselves and every driver around them.

The expanded service is available immediately to current and new LIVE Services subscribers. For more information about TomTom's Traffic Manifesto, visit