Nikon shows off concept cameras in France, says hello to tomorrow

Nikon engaged in a bit of conceptual product show-and-not-as-much-tell at the French Cité des sciences et de l'industrie exhibit, Hello Demain (Hello Tomorrow). The four prototype cameras on display ranged from the clearly defined -- a fully customizable SLR that swaps the lens, grip and LCD screen at your whimsy -- to the mysterious webcam dongle-ish i-Ball of unknown purpose, to a mundane six-inch screener. But the real étoile of this forward-facing soirée is that Multi-Ball cam -- guaranteed to be a panoramic morning-after hit (or cause for much hungover consternation). While these concepts reside proudly in the province of tomorrowland, it's only a matter of time before they digitally immortalize your precious visage. Check the source for additional protoplastic photographic proof.