HP to launch another Touchpad fire sale this weekend, because it's cold outside (updated)

And really, it's no surprise. Considering the wild success it enjoyed with its first Touchpad fire sale, why wouldn't HP try to recreate that magic in time for the holiday shopping rush? According to a release the company sent out to employees this week, the redux will kick off on December 11th at 7 PM, on HP's eBay Store. There, consumers will be able to get their hands on a refurbished 16GB or 32GB model for $99 and $149, respectively. They'll also have the chance to get a case, charging dock and wireless keyboard as part of a $79 bundle, though the sale isn't entirely lawless, with each buyer limited to a maximum of two Touchpads. Interested parties should get their clicking fingers on the ready -- before the British invade.

December 11, 2011 7:00 PM EST
Update: The slates in question have curiously appeared on HP's eBay Store with their original $499 and $599 pricing. Still, there's roughly an hour to go before HP's self-imposed deadline.

Update 2: And it's live! Did you make it all the way through? Let us know in comments.

Update 3: Looks like they're gone. We're getting "Invalid item" errors on all four listings.