Roku 2, LT update adds support for both MKVs and an upcoming official iOS remote app

Logitech's Revue isn't the only connected TV platform getting some holiday season update action, as Roku just announced a major update coming to all of its Roku 2 players (and the LT) with a slew of new features to. The two biggest additions we noted were support for MKV playback -- but no official local streaming channel yet, only USB playback is listed -- and mobile support for an official Roku iPhone app (unofficial ones are already available on many platforms, expect an Android version afterward) it says is "coming soon." That's not all however, as 3D (read: polygons, not glasses) game performance has been upgraded with new titles arriving soon to take advantage of it, while WiFi, Bluetooth remote battery and audio performance have all been tweaked. Hit the company blog for the official list of tweaks and keep an eye peeled for v4.2 build 1006 rolling out over the next couple of days to experience them firsthand. OG Roku boxes unfortunately appear to be left out of the fun for now -- the march from a onetime Netflix-only streamer to 300+ channels is not without a few casualties.