Sony's Ice Cream Sandwich rollout now in final stages for 2011 Xperia devices

You have to hand it to Sony, the company's more than made good on its Android 4.0 upgrade promise (save for that Play hiccup). After rolling out Ice Cream Sandwich to its NXT mid-ranger just a few days ago, it's now ready to dole out the software goods to the majority of the 2011 Xperia lineup beginning this week. That's only the first round though, as a trio of leftover devices -- the mini pro, neo L and Live with Walkman -- will be privy to this OS boost in the "next few weeks." With this latest feel-good news reassuring brand loyalists and official word of the Xperia S' entrance into AOSP, it sure seems like prime time to hitch your ride to the company's Google-powered mobile wagon. After all, Jelly Bean's bound to spill over at some point.