LG teases Splendor for US Cellular, brings Optimus L7 to American shores

We've wondered if LG's L-series style phones, like the Optimus L7, would ever reach the US; we just didn't think LG would be the one to leak its own plans. Astute watchers at Smartphenom caught both a since-pulled LG product page and a brochure that have inadvertently confirmed the bigger (though not biggest) model in the Android 4.0 budget line arriving on US Cellular as the Splendor. The American voyage doesn't involve much of an overhaul, mind you -- the switch to the CDMA network and a conspicuous carrier logo are the biggest changes to the 4.3-inch handset. No word has emerged as to just how soon the Splendor will appear or how much it will cost, although the official documents and the L7's budget nature could put it in stores relatively soon with a low price tag.