LG Optimus G Pro update features detailed in a walkthrough video (update: arrives April 12th)

While the biggest question concerning LG's 5.5-inch Optimus G Pro -- when will it ship in the US -- remains officially TBA, the company has posted a video preview (embedded after the break) of the software update it's sending Korean early adopters this month. There's also no launch date for the "Value Pack" upgrade listed, but the video does give a clear demonstration of things like Smart Video that recognizes when the viewer looks away using eye tracking technology, Dual Camera using the front and back cameras at the same time for stills (it previously did this for video), and Pause & Resume recording that brings Vine-style seamless video cuts. Check out the video to experience it for yourself, we'll see if LG's phablet can beat the Galaxy S4 -- and, presumably, the next Galaxy Note -- to market in the US with these features.

Update: We've got the English press release now, which details all the new features mentioned above plus a few more that are getting upgraded, and reveals the update will start going out to users on April 12th. Check out the full text after the break.

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LG Optimus G Pro Value Pack Upgrade
(SEOUL--Korea Newswire) April 11, 2013 -- The Optimus G Pro, LG's first Full HD display smartphone launched in Korea in March, will get the Value Pack upgrade with new and improved UX features on April 12.

New features include:

[Smart Video]

Recognizes the position of the viewer's eyes and automatically plays or stops the video without any manual input from the user. When the viewer's eyes are no longer focused on the smartphone display, the front camera recognizes this and immediately pauses the video. Once the user's gaze returns to the smartphone, the video resumes playback from the point last viewed.

[Dual Camera]

Extending the Dual Recording function, LG is introducing Dual Camera through this Value Pack upgrade. The world's first Dual Camera function simultaneously captures photographs of both the subject and the shooter using both the front and back cameras for a picture-in-picture composition.

[Pause & Resume Recording]

The Pause & Resume Recording feature allows the user to pause and start in record mode for one continuous video file. Until now, a new video clip would be created when recording restarted, which resulted in multiple video files.

In addition to these new features, some current functions will receive upgrades. Magic Remote Pad will be added to the existing QRemote function to work specifically with LG Smart TVs. Similar to the touch pads of most notebooks, Magic Remote Pad turns the Optimus G Pro into a remote control for LG Smart TVs. What`s more, Text Keypad, another new addition to QRemote, will make typing on a Smart TV easier than ever before by turning the Optimus G Pro into a convenient input device.

Please refer to this video for a demonstration of the upgraded UX features:
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