MSI shows off a concept gaming laptop with a touchscreen trackpad (hands-on)

Hot on the heels of announcing some fresh gaming notebooks, MSI is showing off yet another laptop -- albeit, one you can't buy yet. The GS70 Stealth is a 17-inch gamer's machine, and by most indications, it's designed to go head to head with Razer's Blade lineup. At 3.9kg (8.6 pounds) it's reasonably light for a system with this screen size, and with an all-aluminum chassis, it has a more premium feel than other MSI machines (not to mention some competing models from brands like Alienware). What really makes us think of Razer, though, is the secondary display on the interior, which doubles as a touchpad. Unfortunately, because the unit we handled was an early-stage prototype, it wasn't actually functioning as it should, but MSI says the display would allow for touch input, since the primary 17.3-inch (1080p) screen will be non-touch.

In short, then, the company thinks this might present a good compromise for folks who want a touchscreen handy, but would rather it not be the main display where they're viewing games. And who knows? Even if you don't crave touch input, it might still make for a neat secondary display, especially if you've got games running at full-screen. No word on when this will come out or how much it will cost, but MSI is going to release essentially the same system, just with a regular touchpad. Look for it in August with a starting price around $1,699 (we've included shots of that below, if you're curious).%Gallery-190221%

Zach Honig contributed to this report.