Nikon's Coolpix S810c is a second attempt at an Android compact camera

Liked the idea of Android apps with a proper camera attached? Still itching for a Nikon camera over a Samsung one? Then perhaps the new S810c will win you over where its predecessor didn't. To start, the rear touchscreen is bigger (3.7 inches this time) while the body of the camera is thinner than the S800c that came before it. There's also a longer 12X zoom with a 16-megapixel sensor, while on the non-imaging side, it gets GPS and a headphone jack if you're looking to check audio quality on video or simply play things back and use the point-and-shoot more like a media player than a camera. Compared to the model that appeared two years ago, this one's running Android 4.2.2. Not the latest, sure, but way beyond the Android Gingerbread OS we wrestled with on the older camera. Nikon has also tacked on its own commenting system too, meaning you can type your thoughts and attach 'em as soon as the photo's taken. If your missives simply can't wait for uploading to Facebook and Twitter, you'll have to wait until early May, when the camera arrives for $350.