120 Sports launches its free internet sports news network today

Whether you're a cord-cutter looking for a way to keep up with sports news or just need an alternative to the cable sports networks, it's time to give 120 Sports a try. Launching today on the web and iOS (Android coming July 14th), it's promising eight hours of live sports coverage every day (from 6PM to 2AM ET today), broken into two-minute clips (also available as video on-demand), hence the name. The lights turned on at 6PM ET today with some live coverage of Tim Lincecum's attempt at a no-hitter, and you'll notice familiar faces like former SportsCenter host Michael Kim and former NBA player Antoine Walker in the mix. The best part? Trying it won't cost you anything except other than some time.

The network is coming from MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR and Time Inc. (Sports Illustrated), but it's promising to cover the world of sports. Other elements are its "data cards" which will flow along the bottom, and give viewers one-touch access to information about currently relevant sports topics, and focus on social media. CNN's apps now have a similar approach to letting viewers watch the news they're interested in, whenever they want, but this one doesn't need a cable subscription to work. We'll need some time to get a handle on this new approach to sports coverage, but it certainly paints a pretty picture of what a sports network in the modern era should look like.